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YouPorn data reveals which gaming consoles get the most love on its site

Artem Uarabei

A gaming console is essentially just a computer that you can connect to the Internet, so — of course — people use their systems to watch pornography. One of the bigger sites on the Web for that kind of content is sharing details for how gamers get down with their PlayStations, Xboxes, and Wii devices.

YouPorn, a massively popular site for adult entertainment, has illuminated the habits of gamers who use their consoles to access its site. Gamers represent around 200,000 of the 20 million who visit YouPorn daily, and the company has quantified which of the three consoles generates the most traffic and the categories of porn the gamers on each system prefer.

YouPorn notes that PlayStation systems are responsible for the majority of its console-based traffic. Sony gamers are on YouPorn more than the Xbox and Wii systems combined, with 51 percent of the total traffic compared to 39 percent for Xbox and 10 percent for Wii.

YouPorn also pointed out that while the majority of people who use their consoles to view adult content are men, women also enjoy the pastime as well. On the gaming systems, women make up 8.5 percent of the total traffic. That’s compared to YouPorn’s total traffic across all devices, which is about 26 percent women.

“Interestingly, the highest proportion of female users is found among Wii players, where they constitute 11 percent of traffic originating from the console to YouPorn,” reads the company’s blog.

Finally, YouPorn revealed a map that shows where each system is most popular among YouPorn viewers. Xbox consoles dominated in the United States and Mexico. Wii and Wii U are No. 1 in many Southeast Asian countries. And PlayStation is the top just about everywhere else in the world.