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How to adapt Valorant sensitivity to CS:GO

Artem Uarabei

There’s a simple equation that converts your sensitivity in Valorant to its equivalent one in CS:GO. A sensitivity of 1 in Valorant is equivalent to 3.181818 in CS:GO.

Players can also use website to quickly convert their Valorant sensitivity to CS:GO. But before you enter the numbers, choose the correct game – Valorant on the left side and CS:GO on the right. 

How to check Valorant sensitivity

  • Open Valorant
  • Press ESC to open your settings page (You can also click the settings icon in the top right corner)
  • You should see the settings image as shown below
  • Make sure you have selected the General Tab
  • You can find the sensitivity settings on this tab

How to check CS:GO sensitivity

  • Open CS:GO
  • Press ESC to open up the settings
  • Click on Game Settings 
  • Under the Keyboard/Mouse tab you’ll find the sensitivity settings