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How to fix high ping in Valorant

Artem Uarabei

How to fix high ping in Valorant?

The reasons for the high ping in Valorant can be several options - the location of the server, the quality of the Internet and more.

1. Activate network buffering

Network buffering is a feature for correcting an unstable connection in Valorant. Settings can be Minimum/Moderate/Maximum.

Each thing sets how often your computer connects to the Valorant servers and returns data packets. The more packet loss you have, the higher the setting you should select.

At maximum settings, fewer packets will be transmitted between you and the servers, and the game will try to automatically predict the movement of players.

As a result, you will get very smooth gameplay, but will have difficulty winning duels with enemies due to the high latency required between your PC and the server.

2. Using a LAN cable

Pretty simple advice, but it really works. Many players forget that the only way to achieve the most stable connection is through a wire. A Wi-Fi connection creates additional air interference and can also cause packet loss.

Plugging a LAN cable from your router to your device is another method of obtaining a seamless connection and prioritizes the internet speed for your directly connected device.

If it is not at all possible to connect a LAN cable through a router, try to minimize the number of obstacles between you and the router itself. Look for these streaks and signal that they should be strong before starting the match.

3. Set Valorant to high priority in task manager

First, try closing all tasks not related to your game. Ideally, you should only have the Game Client and Riot Vanguard running. Any additional application can use the Internet in the background to update itself and use your valuable connection.

Find the Valorant app and set it as a high-priority program in the task manager. It also goes without saying that you don't want to download mixtapes while playing Valorant. As resources are distributed among these resource-intensive tasks.

4. Connect to a better internet plan

If you plan to dedicate time to this game, it’s better to spend some money and save your health and nerves from delay and lag causing your losses.

A 100mbps high-speed Internet plan usually costs around $20 and can be decent to achieve low ping. However, that's provided you aren't sharing your Wi-Fi with too many household members. 

The megabits per second get distributed evenly among the number of active connections, so internet speed can dip. Also, consider playing Valorant during non-peak hours.