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Heroes of the Storm: Click-Storm Battle #1


On 19th of August (8:00 pm SG) of July will hold online-tournament for all Heroes of the Storm players in Southeast Asia.

Prize fund:

1. $100 USD + heroes + skins.

2. Heroes + Skins.

Who can register?

  • Our tournaments are open for everyone. Register and test yourself!

Register now!

How to register?

  • Register at a team captain.
  • In the tournament lobby click "Add teammates" and send link to your firends.
  • Your team should be ready - have 5 players registered.

Need a team?

  • Drop a message and reach other lonely players in our Team Finder.

Tournament structure

  • Groups on 19th of August + Playoffs on 20th of August
  • Bo3 all games
  • All games start 8:00 pm Singapore time.

How to play a tournament on video and screenshots.

You can track players progress in our Hall of Fame.