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Ranking system in Storm Chess

Artem Uarabei

We've introduced a new ranking system to Storm Chess! How is it different from the old one?

The old rating system was simply about scoring. Moreover, for the defeat, you have not deducted points, but one was added. Over time, the rating ceased to show the real skill of chess players, not counting the most experienced players.

As a result, it became difficult to select opponents of equal skill in matchmaking, and the reward for defeating a strong opponent was the same as against a beginner.

Our goal was to reward players who enjoy playing Storm Chess. To make the gameplay more fun, we have introduced a new rating system that reflects the real skills of the Storm Chess players.

What is new?

  • Now the number of received/weaned points for a win/loss depends on the opponent's rating (a weak player to win the strong will get more points and vice versa).
  • The same rating often involves different game levels, so the system has hidden calculations that take this into account.
  • All new players start with the same hidden rating.
  • To see your rating, you need to play 10 calibration games.
  • Each rating is assigned a rank - from Bronze to Diamond and master.
  • The method of selecting opponents has changed - now the system will search for opponents close in level.
  • If the system did not find suitable opponents, then the bot will play with you. A base rating is tied to the bot, so you won't get a lot of points for it.

And now for the most interesting part. What are ranks?

  • Rank is a graphical display of the rating.
  • Each rating is assigned a certain rank.
  • It is displayed after calibration on the matchmaking page.
  • The lowest - Bronze 4, the highest diamond 1 and Master.
  • The higher your rating, the lower the Roman numeral on the rank icon (example - Gold 1 is higher than Gold 2).

Ratings and Ranks:

It may be that your rating is over 2000, but you still have a Gold 1 rank. Don't be upset. The system also takes into account some other parameters. You just have to play a few more matches and the rank will definitely change.

While the rating is common for all game modes. We plan to separate them in the future.

Now go ahead and go through the calibration if you haven't already!

gl hf!