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Engineer created a giant Nintendo Switch and donated it to the children's hospital

Artem Uarabei

Amateur engineer Michael Peak has put together a huge but fully functional copy of the Nintendo Switch. He published the video using the creation of the console on YouTube.

The giant Nintendo Switch is 7.5 times the size of the original. It measures 76 cm by 178 cm and weighs almost 30 kg. The body of the device is made of wood, and all its buttons are functional. However, external controllers can be used for more convenience. According to Pick, he decided to enlarge the console because it is very small and "easy to lose." After assembly and testing, the engineer donated the huge Switch to the children's hospital.

Previously, the artist under the nickname ZHC made a fully functioning PlayStation 5 with a height of 3 meters. He posted a video showing the console on YouTube. According to the blogger, the device was included in the Guinness Book of Records.