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Top 10 Neutral Cards in Arena

Artem Uarabei

Good Arena decks require you to draft an assortment of strong class cards, but you can't get by on class cards alone. You'll also need a handful of powerful neutral cards if you want to get to 12 wins. Figuring out which neutral cards to pick can be a real challenge. This list will make it a little easier.

10. Stampeding Kodo

Arena is all about tempo and board presence. If you manage to gain tempo early and stay ahead on the board, it's almost impossible to lose. Stampeding Kodo is a fantastic card for that strategy. It can totally wipe enemy minions off the board, wasting your opponent's mana and cleaning up their half of the board.

Stampeding Kodo is less reliable in constructed play because there aren't many 2-attack minions around by the fifth turn. In Arena, they're far more common throughout any stage of the game. Stampeding Kodo can create huge swings with any average 2-mana minion, and becomes an unstoppable advantage against Deathlords or Gurubashi Berserkers.

9. Bomb Lobber

Bomb Lobber is good for many of the same reasons Stampeding Kodo makes the list. It's at the same pivotal mana spot and allows you to erase enemy minions from the board in one fell swoop. Despite the weaker body on Bomb Lobber, the reason it's ranked on spot higher is because its 4-damage battlecry can affect any minion, not just those with 2-attack or less.

In other words it's guaranteed to get value, and often puts you ahead on board. Whether you play it on turn 5 or top-deck it late in the game, it's a card with a lot of utility and reliability.

8. Sea Giant

Most Arena games boil down to a board state with multiple minions on both sides of the board. When two, or four, or six minions are on the board, Sea Giant becomes an absurdly good card. You can often play him for 5 mana or less, which is crazy for an 8/8.

Given the rarity of Big Game Hunter and other reliable answers to giants in Arena, he's also likely to stick and do some work. Whether that means punching the enemy's face for 24 damage over a few turns, or trading into three minions, Sea Giant will earn its place in your deck. Even if you have to play it for 10-mana in the late-game, it's still a great body and will win you the top-deck war.

7. Sludge Belcher

When it comes to value, Sludge Belcher has been the king of the hearth for a very long time. It's seemingly impossible for opponents to deal with its taunt and deathrattle effects. This card always make enemies trade awkwardly and exhaust their resources inefficiently. Sludge Belcher is a headache in every way.

Creating that kind of friction and struggle for opponents is a huge asset to build a board behind. Whether he's a lethal-blocking taunt or a meaty body, this card is going to get tons of value anytime he's played.

6. Zombie Chow

Drawing into a 1-drop on turn 1 is absurdly strong in Arena. You can't put more than one or two 1-mana minions in your deck if you want to last through the late-game, but getting the right 1-drop at the perfect time is unbeatable. Of all the 1-drops to get, Zombie Chow is undoubtedly the best.

It can trade into an opponent's turn 2 or turn 3 play all on its own, and forces them to change their early-game pace. The negative deathrattle effect is totally negligible. Its board advantage is often impenetrable.

5. Knife Juggler

Minions that cost 2-mana are the key component in every Arena deck. If you don't have five or more 2-mana minions, you won't make it very far. The best 2-drops of all are class cards (Shielded Minibot comes to mind), but one neutral card stands out above its peers at this mana spot. Knife Juggler is an incredibly powerful card for its cost.

Not only is it a threatening 3/2 body in an aggressive Arena meta, but it can also pump out a ton of extra damage if left unchecked. That makes it good on turn 2, and still good on turn 10, which can't be said of weaker comparisons. Knife Juggler can make game-winning plays or stretch for that little bit of extra damage you need.

4. Piloted Shredder

Keeping a minion on the board for initiative is vital to getting ahead in a game. That makes "sticky" deathrattle minions particularly strong. Piloted Shredder has a threatening 4/3 body that goes a long way if it isn't killed. And when it is finally killed, you get another minion attached to it that can be as strong as another 4/4.

Piloted Shredder forces the enemy to make bad trades and play inefficient minions against it. Silences can also be drawn out, which still leaves you with a good body and limits their future resources.

3. Azure Drake

You can't win in Arena without card draw. When that card draw is attached to a solid minion, it's even better. That's exactly what makes Azure Drake so strong. You get a formidable 4/4 body attached to instant card draw. Top-decking this card in the late-game will give you a huge boost and wins many games all on its own.

There's also synergy with its spell damage bonus in many classes, giving you vital 3-damage Consecrations or 4-damage Frostbolts. Azure Drake is probably the best non-legendary 5-mana minion in the game in Arena, including specific class cards. It should almost always be taken in your draft unless you already have an excessive number of cards in that mana slot.

2. Sunwalker

Taunts can be game-winners in Arena. Enemies will have to make terrible trades into them. They can halt any late-game offensives towards your face. They also allow you to protect other threats on the board. Of all the taunts in Arena, Sunwalker is usually the most frustrating. Its divine shield on turn 6 or later usually leaves opponents without a way to kill it, apart from trading two big minions into it.

Only Mages, Druids, or Rogue can ping off the shield with their hero power, and even then it's a waste of two mana and/or a lot of extra damage to their face. Sunwalker makes things awkward for opponents and creates ridiculous amounts of value for you. This card simply wins games.

1. Piloted Sky Golem

Piloted Sky Golem's 6/4 body is certainly nothing to scoff at on its own. Clearing big minions can sometimes be a challenge for enemies, and if they don't kill this card immediately, it's going to pump out a ton of damage. If they do manage to kill it quickly, you're getting another 4-mana minion for free! That means the 6/4 body is only 2 mana, which is crazy value!

Big minions, sticky minions, and high-damage minions are all great in Arena. This bad boy takes all three of those things and sticks them together, making it the best neutral card you can get in arena. Its board presence is immeasurable, and its value in your deck list is limitless.

Getting any of the above cards will undoubtedly improve your chances in Arena. If you manage to get a few of them along with a good curve and solid class cards, you'll almost certainly get 7 or more wins, and might even reach 12 wins!