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Click-Storm DOTA 2 SEA Sound Battle


We are back with more tournaments! Click-Storm DOTA 2 SEA Sound Battle is an online DOTA 2 free tournament for all players in Southeast Asia.

Register all your team for free and win 5x ARMAGGEDDON MARK 5 earphones!

Need a team? Apply now!

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Don't forget to invite all your team members

We know it's hard to find a team and persuade everyone to come in time. Also we know that it hurts when you get eliminated in the first round.

That's why we decided to have a group stage, so everyone will be able to enjoy a game.

Don't be afraid, each team will get at least 3 games in a group!

2 teams from each group proceed to play-off.


  • Groups: 3 July, 20:00 SG time
  • Play-off: 4 July, 18:00 SG time

Prize fund:

  • 1 place - 5x ARMAGGEDDON MARK 5 earphones.

Perfect for use with notebook and smartphone. Splits 4-step 3.5mm audio jack into separate jacks for sound input and output for your convenience.

Tech specs

Entry fee:

  • Free

Don't have a team?

Apply now!

How to register:

1. Click "Register now" and enroll your team and invite team members - just send them your personal direct link.

2. Captains should be present on the web-site.

3. Play hard and have fun!

FAQ and video.