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Apex Legends players expose invisible hiding spot on Kings Canyon

Artem Uarabei

Apex Legends players have uncovered a pretty big bugged spot on Kings Canyon that allows them to sit and hide inside the rock face towards Slum Lakes and shoot while not being able to take damage. 

Like any other battle royale, there are plenty of different playstyles within Apex Legends. Some players prefer to go all out and rack up kills right from the drop, while others will use different abilities to hang back and move in with the edge of the safe zone – focusing on winning and high placements, rather than eliminations.

However, a new bugged spot on Kings Canyon is allowing those slow playing squads to take things to a whole new level by hiding inside one of the mountains that sits between Slum Lakes and Destroyed Cascades.  

As the video showed, itsjustblob became aware of a squad being close to them, but they were actually unable to see them until they got up close and personal with the mountain. The player attempted to fire through the rock face but their shots were wasted, so instead, they jumped up inside the glitched spot to take the team head-on. 

Full Squad Abusing Glitch Spot in Pred Lobby (Xbox) from r/apexlegends