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Why do you need outposts in Dota 2


On November 26th, Dota 2 introduced expansion 7.23, “The Outlanders,” which added new buildings to the game - Outposts.

Now, instead of side stores, there are two outposts on the map that teams can capture. To do this, you need to make a six-second interrupted cast with the right mouse button. The more allies click on the outpost, the faster the capture will take place.

What outpost looks like in the game.

Captured outposts give 25 exp to each player whose team owns the building. Also, the building reveals the invisibility of enemies in a radius of 500 and allows the allies to teleport to it (teleportation takes 6 seconds).

Outposts can be captured 10 minutes after the start of the game. If a team captures two outposts, the team will gain experience from only one building.