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DOTA 2: Best heroes to boost MMR | part 2


Author: vivienka

There are three things one can look at endlessly: a burning fire, flowing water and a DOTA 2 player trying to raise his solo-MMR. But seriously, you can increase the individual rating on almost any character, but it may not be the most productive way.

We already described some heroes in the first part of the guide. Today, we will discuss four more which, in my opinion, can effectively raise the solo MMR.

Attention! This is for players with a low rating (~4000 MMR).


In the first part of the guide, we describe some points. Here are some minor amendments.

  • As stated before, the best role for raising solo MMR: mid and carry. But! If those have already been taken, you should not use them. Take a different role and it will increase your chance of winning.
  • Relying on the team is not necessary. However, if you're lucky with teammates at low MMP and they are ready to listen to your opinion and work as a team, the more likely it will be easy 25 MMR.


1. Juggernaut

One of the best carry-modern meta characters and is perfect for raising MMR.


  • Strong in the initial stages in conjunction with tech support, is very strong in mid and late game.
  • Built invulnerability to most spells (Blade Fury)
  • It has a great AoE healing
  • Easy to learn
  • Ultimate breaks invulnerability to magic (Contra Ethereal, Ghost Scepter, Eul, etc.)
  • High-speed attack


  • Not a lot of mana
  • Only a small growth to strength - HP

Skill build

Variant 1:

This option is suitable if you are paired with a support with a stun. A pumped Blade fury will allow you to take out the enemy on the line and get the advantage.

Variant 2:

Pumped additional attributed will be what solves your problem with mana-pull and attack. In addition, do not blindly copy skill-build. Always objectively assess the situation and take what is needed for the moment. For example, if you are being harassed and are not let to live - take level 2 Healing ward.

Item build

Instead of Healing Salve in the beginning simply bring Tango and Wraith Band. If it is hard for you to stay on the lane, wait until Morbid Mask and head to the forest. Juggernaut in any case will reform it's initial artifacts, especially at low MMR. And always carry a scroll of teleportation. You can use it during Blade Fury, virtually guaranteeing you will leave the battlefield.

2. Troll Warlord

It's an unrealistic strong hero, which is pleasant to play. Prepare to hear this phrase: "Troll imbalanced and Contra". But put those negative thoughts away and you'll be able to smile upon those 25 end game points again.


  • Very high speed of attack
  • Good stands at mid and light lane
  • A nice attack animation in melee and ranged modes
  • A good gang-potential through the second momentum slowing down 5.25 at level 4 pumping Whirling Axes
  • With the purchase of Morbid Mask You can solo kill Roshan in Battle Trance
  • Ultimate is also good with helping the team to fight or push
  • It has a low mana cost and KD on spells
  • Whirling Axes in melee mode causes bad damage around him forcing opponents to miss for 7 (!) Seconds


  • Vulnerable to control until the BKB
  • Newcomers need a bit of experience for this hero to cleverly switch between modes and to avoid confusion

Suffice controversial shortcomings, and the Troll is one of the strongest characters in the current Meta.

Skill build:

Item build:

3. Lina

Tired of playing for the dodgers? You can safely take the red beast to charge up and Laguna Blade in person.  Strong character at all stages, and closer to Leith may provide good damage with his hands.


  • Very strong cast
  • AoE stun and attacking spell
  • Decent gang-potential
  • With the presence of a dagger, has very good split-push capacities. Also thanks to the AoE abilities, may very well overpush
  • Ultimate with Aghanim Scepter has clean damage
  • In late-game has fast attack speed, thus it becomes "semicarry"
  • Good attack range


  • Not the easiest character to learn (have to train with timing of stunl and Eul Scepter)
  • Very expensive mana spells
  • Vulnerability to gangs, as it has no escape
  • Poor attack animation

Skill build:

With the build-up of skill, everything becomes clear. Again, some things can change depending on the situation. Sometimes it is useful to go passive level 3.

Item build:

As you might understand, the best role is for Lina (if you are going to raise a solo MMR- mid), so the first thing you should do is purchase bottle. If you are experiencing difficulties with the timing of the camp by EUL, then it can be ignored, but it is not recommended - loss of a huge potential.

In the "On the situation" collected items for prokasta and for damage to his hands. You should not interfere too, for example assemble crits and IOM right after Eula, you simply do not have enough MP and there will be too small of a regen. Wait until the 4th-level passives and then you can start collecting the arts to damage.

The author's opinion is subjective and constructed strictly on personal experience.

Author: Artem Sparrow.