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How to prepare your place for work and gaming


In this article, we made tips for preparing your workplace.

Check if your workplace is well organized so you can increase your productivity and stay healthy.

Height, tilt, and distance to the monitor:

  • Eyes should be at the level of the upper 1/4 of the monitor screen, or slightly above it;
  • monitor tilt should be from 20 to 50 degrees for an optimal viewing angle;
  • the optimal distance from the head to the screen can be determined by extending your hand straight and touching the screen with your fingertips.

How you should not sit in front of a computer


  • The joints and ligaments should be as relaxed as possible, so the hands need to be in a neutral position;
  • mouse grip should balance between performance and relaxation of the hand, forearm, and shoulder. The existing grabs are:
    • Claw Grip;
    • fingertip Grip;
    • palm grip.

Chair back angle:

  • The angle of the back of the chair should be between 90 and 120 degrees to preserve the natural curvature of the spine.

Chair height and armrests:

  • The hips should be on the same level as the knees (bending angle of the knees is 90 degrees);
  • the soles of the feet should be on the floor or stand;
  • the bending angle of the arms on the armrests should be 90 degrees so that it is convenient to lean on them;
  • the height can be fixed, to the shoulders are relaxed when working at the table;
  • a back cushion will reduce the load on the spine.


  • There should be enough space on the desktop to set up your monitor according to the above requirements. Also, there should be space under the table for the legs with a stand for them.