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Call of Duty Mobile: Tips and Tricks


Call of Duty Mobile currently has two online modes - Multiplayer and Battle Royale. In this guide, we have prepared tips and tricks for each mode.


  • Two control options are available - Simple and Advanced. While the Simple looks more intuitive, the auto-fire wastes ammo like no one's business. Once you get used to the aiming down and firing with the same button, you'll find your accuracy going way up.
  • You can chat with your team and turn off teammate voices. Near the map screen are small buttons that allow you to communicate with the team and mute voice channels. Use them as needed.
  • Do not forget about your grenades and sub-weapons. It is easy to forget about them during the battle, but they can turn the tides if used correctly.
  • Do not shoot from the hip. It's super inaccurate, and you reveal your location to the enemy.
  • Do not forget to pick up rewards. You receive rewards for leveling up automatically, but rewards for seasons and events must be taken in the corresponding area of ​​the main menu.
    Joining a clan gives a bonus to gaining experience.
  • Skins for weapons give bonuses, but camouflage - no. It's weird, but if you get a weapon with a non-standard skin, you will get a small bonus to it. Camouflage for weapons gives only cosmetic changes.
  • The menu has a lot of buttons. A lot. Try to click on the buttons with exclamation marks whenever is possible.


  • You can change your loadout after death. Some of Call of Duty: Mobile's maps may favor having a sniper in a favorable spot, but it's not always easy to coordinate that with random teammates. Have multiple load-outs ready for each situation, and switch on the fly for what your team needs.
  • f you're having trouble with the controls or learning a new weapon, you can choose to have a match filled with bots instead. You won't get much level experience from it, but it'll provide a low-stress environment to get used to Call of Duty: Mobile.
  • Tweak your loadouts after every level. Each new level and new Season tier gives you new weapons, attachments, and more. Keep tweaking your loadouts to keep ahead of the curve.
  • The higher the level, the more loadout slots are available. In the beginning, you will easily get two loadouts, but the second will be incomplete and will greatly limit the choice of things. Upon receipt of new levels, the number of available loadouts will increase.
  • Remember to use your glasses. In the heat of battle, you can easily forget about it, but your drones and missiles will not launch themselves.
  • Learn the maps. You'll eventually figure out where it's most likely a sniper is hiding, points of contention, and so on and as a result, up your survivability. AI battles can help with that, as well.

Battle royale

  • There are several classes to choose from, but pick what sounds best for you. Class skills are not as important as items on the battlefield.
  • You pick up items by hovering near them for a second or so. Looking at the item will have your character automatically pick it up.
  • When you open the chests, you automatically pick up everything you can carry. So if you're decked out and a teammate is struggling, maybe don't open all the nearby chests.
  • Do not move far from the allies. In Call of Duty: Mobile, it’s better to stay close to your allies than to explore the territory alone.
  • Pick up their dogtags and you'll be able to revive them. Don't risk going outside the ring for them, though.
  • Your Battle Royale loadout is just cosmetic. You'll have to procure everything when you drop into the battle.