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Andrzej Sapkowski believes the Netflix series Witcher will emulate the success of Game of Thrones


The author of the Witcher book series, Andrzej Sapkowski, believes that the Netflix show about Geralt from Rivia will emulate the success of George Martin's Game of Thrones. Polish writer said this in an interview with the Italian edition of Corriere la Lettura.

"I appreciate the work of George R.R. Martin. I like his series but found his books have too many protagonists. Once I asked him: ‘But why do you kill all those characters?’. ‘Because I like it,’ he replied. I don’t think the readers feel the same way," — said Sapkowski.

The writer also told how the Witcher was born:

"So, when I entered the literary competition announced by the magazine ‘Fantastyka‘, the only one that was about fantasy and sci-fi, I decided to look at folklore.”, he recalls. “Polish literature and mythology exert a very strong influence in all my books. Some elements, unfortunately, are lost in translations. One fairy-tale was about a cobbler who kills a dragon. ‘An impossible undertaking’, I told myself. ‘I would never succeed. Who would kill monsters?’ And so I created Geralt, a professional monster-hunter. I only got third place in the competition, the judges were prejudiced, but it went well."