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Hearthstone Deck Guide - Gaara's New Murlock Deck

Artem Uarabei

Gaara recently released a new Murlock deck. The new deck is similar to other Murlock, but strengthened defense capability. Take a look in below:

The different between the deck and old Murlock is that Gaara used Mortal Coil to replace Leper Gnome to increase the capability of board control and added Defender of Argus to strengthen defense capability to protect core cards, like Murloc Warleader and Old Murk-Eye.

The gameplay is similar to other Murlock. You should try to make full use of murlocs’ abilities and defeat your opponent as early as possible. Once your opponent withstood 4 or 5 turns and you haven’t minions on board, give up the battle and start a new one.

Deck Tech Video by Gaara