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LigthMap OverwatchCup
Players: 0 из 10   /  10 Oct, 11:00
Trust DotA2 1х1 S #3
Teams: 24 из 512   /  25 Sep, 16:00
Trust DotA2 1х1 S #4
Teams: 25 из 512   /  26 Sep, 16:00
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Heroes of the Storm: make and find screenshots


Can't find or make screenshots in Heroes of the Storm (HotS)? Or getting black screen?

To save screenshot press PrtScn in the game.

You can change hotkey in Options -> Hotkeys -> Ui.

1. If screenshots are black, activate window mode and try to copy and paste again.

2. All screenshots can be found here: C:\Users\(User Name)\Documents\Heroes of the Storm\Screenshots.