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WoT 3v3 Click-Storm Gathering


3x3 WoT Tier V LAN-tournament Click-Storm Gathering Singapore will be held on 17th of May, 10:00 am. Get ready for battle!

All participants will have a chance to get a Click-Storm membership card.

Membership benefits

  • One for one promotions each month in GG and OASIS cyber-cafes. Example: buy 3 hours and get 3 hours free.
  • Discounts from our partners.
  • Discounts on online and offline tournaments.
  • Regular promotions and giveaways.
  • Special price: S$10 (you save up to S$30 in upcoming three months in cafes and tournaments).

Register now!


  • All gather in OASIS Café at 10-00 am.
  • Verification of registration will be closed on 10-15 am.
  • Only captains should be needed for registration and for briefing.
  • Once again - it's LAN-tournament in two cafes. Captains should use Click-Storm chat to negotiate with opponents and then submit results. Win - for the whole match (when 2-1 or 2-0).
  • If it's your first time on Click-Storm, make sure your captain read this FAQ:

Prize fund

4th place: 3 Armaggeddon T-shirts + 3 Armaggeddon mousemats

60 WoT thumb drives for best players from Wargaming.

Entry fee

  • Free.

How to find a team in WoT?

  • Go to our team finder and apply!
  • There are lots of applications already. Select WoT in the menu and send players private message.
  • Create your own application. Write about yourself and come up with a catchy title.

Register now!


Who can play?

  • Everyone who loves World of Tanks.

How to register?

  • Open the tournament lobby, click on register.
  • Invite friends, have fun. Send them link on the tournament lobby.

How to find an opponent and play tournament.