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How to solo farm ancients and roshan with lvl 1 Necrophos 6.84

Artem Uarabei

Use your quelling blade to get into this position and take lvl 1 Heartstopper asap, as Roshan has already spawned.

This is the range on Heartstopper, overlapping with Roshan's default location.

Here is how the range overlaps with the Ancient camp

You should be able to attack one of the ancients from this vantage point to pull them at :52 seconds and stack them. If you cannot reach them, stacking them normally should cause one of them to stand closer to your ledge.

I missed the 3 minute stack here, because I was late with my auto-attack and it is the most difficult.

After the 4 minute stack (which will be easier as the ancients will start to die to HS Aura), walk around to Roshan's pit to collect your Aegis.

As the ancients start to die, I grab a second level of HS Aura, to clear everything out more quickly. I don't believe this is optimal, and I will explain why in a second.

This position is still hitting ancients while keeping you in position to grab Aegis.

Roshan will pop between 4:30 and 5:00 depending on how quickly you were in position. Now you are level seven.

Don't copy my skill build here, ideally, you should buy a quick blink dagger and start roaming with your max Q and your ult. Good luck!

6.84 brings a change to Heartstopper Aura that allows it to effect ancients (and Roshan). Here is a quick look at how greedy we can be with this change.