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Tips for novice Click-Storm Action Chess players


In this guide, we will give beginners tips on playing Click-Storm Action Chess.

In Click-Storm Action Chess players don't take turns. Unlike classic chess, the opponent will not wait for your turn, so players must make decisions quickly.

Also, after each move, the figure begins to reload, which is the same for all figures. To move the figure again, you need to wait until the reload is complete.

And now for the tips.

Prepare some debuts

The pieces in the Click-Storm Action Chess move according to chess rules, but due to the lack of turns, most classical chess combinations are not suitable for the game. However, knowing the openings will help build a defense, as well as prepare the attack at the beginning of the game.

For example, you can watch the show matches of grandmasters Anton Kuzin and Nikolai Konovalov. Their debuts are good for beginners.

The debut is the initial stage of a chess game, characterized by the mobilization of playing forces.

Practice speed and accuracy

In Click-Storm Action Chess, speed is a key element of the game. The faster you make moves, the harder it is for the enemy to build a defense and plan an attack, and the timely movement of the piece will help to save it or pick up the opponent’s piece.

Practice speed debuts. And to train the reaction and accuracy, we recommend using the reaction simulator on our website. This will help you to quickly and accurately move the figures.

Ponder your moves

Mindless movement of pieces will not work against an experienced opponent, each move should follow a specific goal. Will it be an attack on the king? Maybe a combination to build a fortress? In any case, one piece does not win the game. Try to use several pieces at once to achieve your goal.

Use baits

The absence of checkers and checkmates is another feature of Click-Storm Action Chess. To win, the player needs to pick up the enemy King, who can get out of a dangerous situation at any time. Turn these situations to your advantage. For example, you can use the King as a decoy and dodge the enemy figure at the last moment, and when the figure goes to reload - eat it. Experienced players will not fall for the trick with the King, but with other pieces, it should work.

Watch your opponent

Pay attention to the movement of enemy pieces. Build your defense in the place where the opponent plans to attack. Knowing the opponent’s plan is half the victory.

Trick an opponent
The enemy will also try to trick you and use pieces as bait. Click-Storm Action Chess does not show where a piece is moving. If you go down with a rook, the opponent will have to guess where the piece is directed. This allows you to carry out a false attack and aim at other pieces.

You can play Click-Storm Action Chess here (you must register at