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Three tips for beginners in World of Warcraft: Classic


In such a large project as World of Warcraft, it is probably impossible to remember all aspects of the game. In this guide, we will give three important tips that will help both beginners and veterans who have returned to WoW: Classic.


Professions in the game are divided into two categories: primary and secondary.

Basic professions such as Tailoring, Leatherworking, and Blacksmithing are suitable for almost every class. Some items made with their help are considered the strongest in the game.

Secondary professions are key for making your gameplay experience a tad easier. First Aid will provide enough heal. Fishing and Cooking combine well with each other, which in the compartment will give you useful buffs that will help you in difficult situations.


Gold in Classic WoW can be used to buy items or to upgrade skills. Gold and equipment are fairly easy to get from dead monsters, but it’s extremely important to manage your gold well, especially when leveling.

A few tricks that you can use to save gold: do not buy items - they are generally not worth their cost. Spend gold only on leveling skills and try to save on everything you can.


Monsters in Classic are very strong, so you need to prepare for the battle wisely. If you played the latest WoW expansion, Battle For Azeroth, then you may be used to sweeping away all the monsters in your path, but in Classic it’s not so simple.

Try to aggro monsters one at a time and not fight against several at once, otherwise, you risk dying. Be careful in the caves, because there the monsters spawn faster.

Now that you know all the key aspects of the game in Classic, it's time to return to Azeroth.