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Decklist spotlight: Lifecoach's mech Warrior

Artem Uarabei

People say Lifecoach is a predictable competitor. They are usually right, except not last night.

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If you follow competitive Hearthstone closely, you will know that Adian “Lifecoach“ Koy is all about playing tried and true builds. He is rarely seen outside the company of his trusted Handlock, Druid, Mech Mage or Hunter. When he does occasionally diversify, he’s going the Control Paladin way but that happens almost too scarcely to count.

So when Lifecoach appeared on KPL and Nvidia broadcasts with a Warrior deck, people were intrigued. They became even more so when he drew his opening hands, featuring Cogmasters and Clockwork Gnomes.

Now, Mech Warrior is certainly not an unseen before deck. When GvG was initially released, it was one class players like Kolento experimented with. We even wrote a guide about it some time ago but the deck never reached the popularity of the more traditional Mage and Shaman builds.

The reason were their class-specific mech cards like Goblin Blastmage and Powermace, which were far superior than Warrior’s Screwjank Clunker. Even Druid Mech saw more love than Mech Warrior.

Then again, there’s some satisfaction in punching your opponent not just with mech minions, but also giant axes. Lifecoach knew this so he put all the good mechs in his deck and also added several cards to help with the aggression.

Frothing Berserker is a minion that’s been coming back into the meta with the Grim Patron builds and players are starting to realize that it’s fantastic in mid-range-y decks. Kor'kron Elite is another Warrior card that fits the deck great. Think of it as a smaller Fireball that demands a response.

Speaking of Fireball substitutions, there are two copies of "Arcanite Reapers" which constitute 20 damage in total. That’s not counting the obligatory Fiery War Axes which also serve as removal and direct damage. You don’t care about your life points when your opponent is dying.

So go ahead, surprise the ladder by trying Lifecoach’s mech warrior. Make sure to also stop at our deck section for more deck ideas.