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Tips for new Click-Storm Action Chess players


This is the guide for new players of Click-Storm Action Chess.

In Click-Storm Action Chess every player moves in real-time, not waiting for the opponent. Unlike classic chess game, nobody will wait for your turn, that’s why it’s important to be quick in making decisions.

Besides, every chess piece requires a cooldown, which is identical for all of them. You need to wait for the cooldown to end in order to move a piece once again.

Now here are some tips.

Prepare several chess openings

In Click-Storm Action Chess pieces move according to general chess rules. However, since there are no turns to make a move, most classic chess combinations do not fit. Still, knowing chess opening rules, you can build a defense and prepare for the attack at the beginning of the game.

As an example, we recommend watching show matches by Anton Kuzin and Nikolay Konovalov, two famous chess masters. Their openings are good for newcomers.

Chess opening refers to the initial moves in a chess game. It requires the mobilization of forces.

Train your speed and accuracy

Speed in Click-Storm Action Chess is a key factor. The quicker you are, the more difficult it gets for the opponent to build a defense and prepare for the attack. Moving pieces in time helps save it or take it over from the opponent.

Try quick openings. If you need to train your reaction and accuracy, we recommend using the reaction simulator on our website. It will help move pieces quicker and more accurate.

Think before making a move

Moving pieces mindlessly won’t help you when playing against an experienced user. Every move should pursue a particular goal. To attack the King? Or maybe to build a fortress? Anyway, an individual piece won’t bring you a victory. Try using several pieces at once.

Use lures

One more peculiarity of Click-Storm Action Chess is the absence of a checkmate. In order to win you need to take over the opponent’s King, which is able to survive a dangerous situation at any time. Make good use of such situations. For example, use the King as a lure to dodge the enemy piece at the last moment, and when it goes on cooldown, take it over. Experienced users won’t fall for the trick with the King, but it may work with smaller pieces.

Keep an eye on the opponent

Always watch over the opponent’s moves. Build your defense where the enemy plans to attack. Being aware of the enemy’s plans is halfway to victory.


The enemy will also try to bluff and use the pieces as a lure. In Click-Storm Action Chess it’s impossible to see where a piece is headed. If you move the rook, the enemy will have to guess where it was headed. This helps to arrange fake attacks and aim at other pieces.

Follow the link to play Click-Storm Action Chess (registration is required).