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Dota Underlords: Mod with stars upgrading recommendations and a shortlist of heroes skills


Steam user released a mod for Dota Underlords, which gives recommendations on upgrading stars of heroes and also shows their skill during the game.

The modification will be useful to beginner players. Also, it acts as an adviser and reminds you abilities of heroes.

Mode description

The mod adds to the description of the characters heart icons that are equal to the stars and in combination indicate the following:

  • An icon with three filled hearts indicates that the hero should be upgraded to three stars;
  • with two filled hearts and one empty - it is recommended not to improve above the second star;
  • with two full hearts and one half-empty - upgrade to three stars whenever possible.

The words under the names of the heroes show what abilities the character has.

Skills description :

  • AoE - area damage
  • AntiAtkSPD - slows down the attack speed of opponents
  • AntiArmor - reduces target armor
  • Avoid - dodge attacks
  • Atk.SPD - attack speed buff
  • Bash - hit with knockback and stun
  • Buble - shield on an ally
  • DD (Damage Dealer) - physical or neutral damage
  • Dist - damage at a distance
  • DoT - damage over time
  • DPS - damage per second (in this case, causing a lot of damage per second)
  • Tank - physical damage protection
  • MTank - protection against magical damage
  • Taunt - enemy provocation
  • LoS (Line of Sight) - AoE damage in front of you
  • ManaHeal - Mana Restore to Allies
  • MDD (Magic Damage Dealer) - dealing magic damage
  • PASS - Passive Skills
  • Pet - summon allied creatures
  • Stun - stun
  • RandomDMG - dealing a random type of damage (physical, magical or neutral)

Mod installation

Download the mod on Yandex.Disk (or Google.Drive). Inside the archive, four text files need to be unpacked into the game directory.

Installation path for PC: "\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Underlords\game\dac\panorama\localization\".

Installation path for Android: "YouDataStorage\Android\data\com.valvesoftware.underlords\files\game\dac\panorama\localization\".

You can follow the mod update on the author’s page on Steam at the link.