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Superdiogo's Legendary Druid. Deck Guide

Artem Uarabei

We present you a new druid's deck, which has an incredible winrate.

After I played more than 100 games with my Druid deck I decided to share with the world, I think this is an awesome Druid deck and I'm just in love with Druid of the Flame.

Why? Because it's a damn good body and way better than shades at this moment. I never enjoyed shades to begin with so that's why I prolly hate them but still, I have winning so many games with this deck that I can tell you for sure that Druid of the Flame is a damn good card. Believe me, I know.

Pretty insane huh? The only bad match up tbh is mirror Druid for one and only reason: Whoever gets the Innervate and Wild Groth pretty much wins the game. And of course it's bad against Tempo Mage and Mech Mage. Other than that this deck CRUSHS the ladder. Just go check urself! :)

Since alot of people asked for mulligans here you go;

Against Shaman: Just mulligan hard for 4 drops by following up with 5 drops. It is really important that you have a nice curve against shaman. Try to get Loatheb as soon as possible.

Against Warrior: Well, I have 15 wins and 2 losses against Warrior's so my advice? Just control the board and deny every draw possible. Just mulligan for Keeper's, Wild Groths, Shreders.

Against Rogue: Actually, many people say that its a bad matchup and I also agree with them but I don't know so far I'm 7-1 against Oil Rogues. The mulligan its pretty easy, just mulligan hard for Wild Groth's , Loatheb, Dr Boom its really important against Rogue. Do not play him on turn 5 with Innervate, it's useless and you will lose tempo.

Against Priest: As I said before, just mulligan hard for both Druid Of The Flames and play them as 5/2. Don't play them as 2/5 because they will steal them from you.

Against Warlock: I'm up 6-2 against Warlocks, mainly zoo's. Against zoo just mulligan for Innervates, Shreders, Wrath is really important and Keeper's. That's the only way you can win against zoo. Against handlock and demon it's the usual mulligan.

Against Hunter: Yeah, I don't think I have anything to say. Just try to get Wild Groth into Keeper's and Wraths. Just try to stop the rush and before you play Belcher just bait them with Claw so they can use the silence.

Against Mage: It's pretty hard to tell tbh, there is so many versions right now that I don't even know, my advice is try to get Wild Groth as always and Innervate, don't play off curve.

Against Paladin: Card Draw is really important in this matchup, you may want to use Wraths for card draw and you really need to mulligan for 1 swipe atleast. Druid Of The Flame is also nice against Paladin, so try to get them both.

Against Druid: Nothing to say, whoever ramps first wins. (It's a really bad matchup)