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BlizzCon runner-up TiddlerCelestial founds his own team with SilentStorm, FrozenIce and more

Artem Uarabei

One of the highest winning Hearthstone players of today Wang "TiddlerCelestial" Xieyu has formed Team Celestial, signing hot prospects like SilentStorm, FrozenIce and Yavis.

To this day, TiddlerCelestial has earned more than $110,000 playing Hearthstone and is one of the poster boys of the Chinese scene. He first made the headlines after winning the Chinese qualifiers for BlizzCon 2014 and placing second at the $190,000 WCA 2014, instantly climbing to the top of the Chinese player rankings.

Just one month later, Tiddler added more money to his bank account, finishing second in the 2014 World Finals, right behind James "Firebat" Kostesich.

Between November 2014 and February 2015, Tiddler was also the headliner for ViCi Gaming's Hearthstone squad, leading a powerful roster of players like ChinaYLD, Season and Rosicky.

The massive VG restructuring in February, however, left Tiddler teamless, a move which would ultimately lead to the creation of Team Celestial.

"For the longest time, the Eastern scene has been shrouded in mystery, many would even say under-performing in comparison to its Western counterpart in the Hearthstone industry worldwide. Today we are willing to show the world that it is not true. After a year of waiting and preparing we are now ready to step out of our comfort zone, to march forward and to get ourselves more and more involved into the international scene".

Even though it's just a few days old, Celestial's roster is already a formidable one. Next to the BlizzCon runner-up, it features ESL Legendary Series Season 1 winner Austin "SilentStorm" Li as well as Taiwanese powerhouse Shih Kuang "FrozenIce" Chu.

The rest of the team includes up-and-comers Ding "Ding" Zhang and one of China's top female players Huiwen "Yavis" Yuan. The role of team management is appointed to Zhen "Sinn" Tan, the man behind the Chinese NEL Team League.