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Best Dota 2 memes for the summer

Nail Fagizov

Half of the summer was very bright for Dota 2 fans. This was clearly shown on creative users, in particular, on memes. Without them - nowhere. They make us smile even after merged skating rinks.

Memorial. What's your mood?

Sapports about sore:

Not without jokes after the release of the Chernobyl series:

a little about the mechanics of Dota 2:

Na'Vi went to The International. Fans have been waiting for this for three years:

Profitable investments in Dota 2:

Ping jokes are especially relevant after qualifications for TI9 in South America:

Arteezy Disguise Lessons:

Your face and your voice chat when dying a lot:

no comments:

Not all dragons are so formidable in Dota 2:


Visp's normal return from relocate:

Perhaps the funniest meme of this year for Dota 2 - we just could not get past:

Have you seen more cool memes? Send them to us! Collect together and add them to the next selection..

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