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10 useful tips for Dota Underlords newcomers

Harry NightMare

If you are new to Dota Underlords and haven`t learned the basics yet, you may come up with lots of questions during gameplay. That's why we gathered 10 most useful tips which will lead you to the victory.

Never use the shop restock too early

Do not change heroes at early stages of the game. 2 coins is a good deal of money. Re-roll is a useful thing only when you have spare gold and it usually happens close to the end of the game. That's why we recommend focus on hero upgrade at early game.

Make sure to bench heroes

If you don`t need a hero, you can always sell him at the full cost. Keep that in mind and use your heroes more efficient.

Keep your bench full of 1st level units at early game. The more such units you have, the more chances for their upgrade you`ll have later.

Do not chase the 3rd level upgrade

We agree that it is pretty tempting to level up your hero to 3 stars. The thing is this is the primary concern of the late game rounds, when you have formed the main alliance and all the heroes have reached the 2nd level. Such army will be more efficient during the battle.

Choose strong heroes at early battles

The stronger the hero, the easier the game is, for they have more health points. For example, Axe, Tusk, Juggernaut and Tiny.

Round the remaining gold to the nearest decimal

At the end of each round you usually receive gold. As a bonus you get 10% of the amount of gold you had at the beginning of the round. 5 gold out of 50 stored is the maximum you can get.

Try to keep your amount of gold closer to the nearest decimal. There`s no difference between 10 and 15 gold, but when you have 29, you`d better add one more to increase your budget to 30.

You need to gain 50 coins up to the mid-game in order to be granted access to maximum savings bonus. Everything else can be spent without a twinge of conscience.

Make your board more variable

Each hero belongs to at least 2 alliances. Several heroes from the same alliance activate the synergy bonus.

Yes, it is tempting to make your board full of the units from the same alliance in order to receive the maximum bonus, but we advise not to overindulge this.

Let them defeat you and get a bonus

At first you may think this strategy has no sense. However, you may win the game by losing rounds.

You get gold for a series of victories and for a series of defeats, too. If you feel you starting to lose the round, better don't quit your losing series and continue it to get extra gold. Don't hurry and collect the savings bonus. Use this advantage when you gather the necessary amount of gold.

Place your heroes on a board right

Positioning is a very serious topic in Dota Underlords. Moving a unit even for a tile may affect the game result. Before positioning the hero on a board, think why he should occupy this particular position.

Buy experience points and upgrade at the right time

Each upgrade gives you access to new heroes and chance to come across very rare ones in a shop.

Here are two questions that will help you understand when it is the right time to buy experience points:

  • Do I have enough gold to upgrade to the next level?
  • Do I have that special hero whose position will significantly strengthen my army?

Never focus on prepared strategies, but learn how to improvise

The most common mistake of newcomers is constantly following a particular strategy.

Dota Underlords is game of high probabilities. You play with only those units which will drop.

You'd better learn how to adapt to the always changing situation. Check out some game-ready strategies and never be afraid of changing yours even in the middle of the game.
Besides, you'll gain more gold to upgrade your army in the late game.