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Roles in CS:GO


Just like any other online game with team tournaments, CS: GO has its own ins and outs. Knowing such rules and being able to use them can simplify your road to the victory and let you enjoy the gaming process. One of such unspoken rules is dividing roles among teammates.

If you want to be the best player, you need to sharpen your skills and show good results in every role taken. There’s no such professional team where everyone plays only one role or uses only one type of gun. Each round is different. Various situations prompt you to change your gaming style and role extremely fast.

It’s important to understand that every role is variable. The player always feels what he/she is able to do to win the match, thus adjusting the role to the situation. Let’s consider the most important roles.


Entry-Fragger is the first one who starts the shooting. With the help of the teammates (or alone), the player manoeuvers to the particular positions and tries to take them.

A good Entry-Fragger is distinct for his/her perfect aim which helps to win most face-to-face gunfights. Don’t forget the ability to read maps which helps predict the enemy’s position and go on to prefire.

Every player has to be able to play this role because there is always has to be someone who can replace the Entry-Fragger if he/she dies. Usually, you cannot enter the plant, place the bomb or deactivate it without going through the shooting.

Our advice: master your aim, learn maps and practice a lot because only practice makes perfect. Learn how to pop-flash and explore flashbang timings at the most shooting areas – it is this flashbang thrown by the opponent that you’ll face.

The best Entry-Fraggers are Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostylev (NaVi), Dan "apEx" Modeskler (Team Vitality) and Howard "rain" Haigard (FaZe Clan).


Every AWPer is distinct for his/her gun – any sniper rifle available in the game (AWP, SSG 08, G3SG1 at the terrorists’ side; SCAR-20 – at the counter-terrorists’ side).

AWPer’s tasks vary depending on the role required for the team as well on team tactics and strategies. With a dexterity of a gun (for instance, perfect reaction and aim) or a good opportunity (for example, a good spawn), an AWPer may take the role of an Entry-Fragger or, vice versa, if there is the Entry-Fragger in the team, the AWPer may take the support role and get exchanged one for one teammate.

The AWPer’s tasks are as follows: on terrorists’ side – to occupy important positions as an Entry-Fragger (or Entry-Fragger’s support), open plants, deactivate bombs and morally pressure the enemies to the utmost. On counter-terrorists’ side, the AWPer’s tasks reduce itself to the protection of a particular plant, covering teammates during retaking the plant bomb and taking part in sniper duels during the whole match.

Our advice: practice your skills with AWP, master your rifle aim (flick, no scope, fast zoom). When you have free time, practice your pistol shooting skills – the gun can save your life in some difficult situations. Most known AWPers are Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovach (FaZe Clan), Ozgyur "woxic" Eker (Mousesports) and Aleksi "allu" Yalli (ENCE eSports).


This role is usually given to terrorists, however, it can be a big help for counter-terrorists too. Playing on the terrorists’ side, Lurker is usually alone. He gathers information on the number of enemies at particular plants, their movements and also kills enemies with a supportive role.

This role requires the player to have good aiming skills, incredible sense and good knowledge of the game. A good Lurker terrifies the enemies just like a good AWPer does.
Our advice: practice a lot. Experience is the most vital factor in Lurker role. It will help you understand various gaming situations.


Just like every other player, the Support must possess incredible aim skill, because usually, the Support is the only one left alive in a clutch.

The Support helps the teammates from any corner of the map. The duties include getting exchanged one for one, throwing grenades and winning clutches.

Any player (except the Entry-Fragger) may take the Support role.

Our advice: learn how to throw grenades. It’s important to be able to throw a good smoke, throw back the flashbang or cover the team’s retreat by throwing a proper Molotov. Always learn timings of plant movements in every possible way on all the maps available at your map-pool. Knowing such timings will help you stay alive in the clutch.

Players who are great at taking the Support role are Andreas "Khur9kh" Khoyslet (Astralis), Espitasio "TACO" de Melo (mibr).

IGL, in-game-leader

Every 5 players striving to be a team need this kind of player. Without controlling the teammates and giving instructions on a game planning, every unsuccessful situation (such as failing to take the plant or diffuse shortage) may prevent you from winning the match.

A good IGL shall be able to unite players, even those who are new in the team. He/she must give the most of the calls, settle any dispute and bring the victory to the team.

Our advice: play more often, try to take the leadership position in the team, make in-game-leading to be your in-game habit, try to gain respect from each teammate and pay respect back. Learn how to have a way with any player, even difficult ones.

There are two more roles while playing for counter-terrorists: Roamer and Defensive Player.

The Roamer is to move among plants and to help fight off the attacks meanwhile gathering information. The Defensive Player sits on a plant waiting for the enemy to appear. His/her task is to send the information on the attack to the teammates, hold the site being attacked as long as possible to give the teammates time to help and get exchanged (i.e. to knock off at least one enemy before dying).

Remember: any role is important and difficult in its own way. Learn to play the game, respect your teammates and yourself. Enjoy the game!