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New meta in Dota Auto Chess

Harry NightMare

A small statistic on the new Meta in Dota Auto Chess. Statistics are based on the top 20 players from Only successful strategies that most often take the first three prizes will be presented here. Also in this article does not take into account the strategies of opponents.

In this statistics, more than 1000 games were analyzed. All games belong to players of ranks from Rook-8 to rank Queen. The classification of strategies was distributed as follows:

  • 6 elves. Mostly they included variations of 6 elves + 3 hunters, or 6 elves + 3 assassins. Also often they were combined.
  • 3 mages. Here, players made the most of their imagination and variety of options. Most often there were variations in conjunction with 4 humans and 3 warriors.
  • 6 warriors. This combination was mainly used in conjunction with 2 nagas and 2 beasts + a legendary hero with great AOE damage.
  • 6 knights and 3 dragons. Usually 2 undead heroes traveled to them, but 2 nagas were also sometimes seen.
  • 6 assassins, 3 elves and 2 druids. This combination is mostly static. She rarely had any changes, so any deviations were recorded in the same statistics, in the form of a small error.
  • 3 warriors and 3 hunters. Mostly this bunch looked like this: 3 warriors, 3 hunters, 2 beasts, 2 humans, 2 undeads and a demon. Also, if possible, 2 Nagas were added to this sombination.
  • 3 mages and gods. A simple combination with a variety of options that do not have races bonuses.
  • 6 mages. Diluted front.
  • 6 hunters. Diluted front.
  • 4 trolls and 3 knights. Mostly traveled 2 undeads and 3 warriors.
  • 6 goblins, 4 mechanisms. There were completely different options. For example, this strategy was diluted with 3 assassins and 2 nagas. Either they traveled 3 warlocks and 2 undeads.
  • Other. Here were collected strategies that represented mainly a hodgepodge. Basically, they were just high-profile figures, and they were able to win a prize.

To summarize, at the moment the best strategy is a synergy of 6 elves. Behind them comes a synergy with 3 mages. Such an arrangement is quite simple to explain by their enormous variability. Also, both options do not have any key heroes, without which they will not work. This can explain the rare victories when playing through goblins. We hope that these statistics will be useful for you and you will definitely learn something from it for yourself.