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MLG Pro League Season 2 announced

Artem Uarabei

Following the conclusion of the first season defending champions Team Empire will receive a direct invite to the main event, while the regional qualifiers are set to begin on April 20th.

Three days have passed since Team Empire narrowly defeated Evil Geniuses to claim the MLG Pro League Season 1 title and $34,758 prize but the qualifiers for the next event are ready to begin in only four days. joinDota and MLG have announced that the MLG Pro League Season 2 will begin their qualifiers on April 20th, with the main event scheduled to begin on June 5th at MLG X Games Austin.

Team Empire have earned themselves a direct invitation to the main event following their grand final victory while a second team will receive a direct invitation over the next few days.

Unfortunately there will be no Chinese teams attending the event again which is apparently due to 'visa timing'. In a post on Reddit, MLG EVP Adam Apicella revealed that the Chinese teams will instead appear in the final event in October featuring a $250,000 prize pool.

It appears from the MLG X Games schedule that the organizers have reverted from the original bubble race format to a single elimination bracket after the group stage. Announcements on which teams will compete in the regional qualifiers is yet to be announced but should be revealed with the name of the second invited team before April 20th.