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PUBG Mobile - 400 million downloads, 50 million daily active users

Harry NightMare

Tencent's PUBG Mobile has reached new milestones in terms of total downloads and daily active users.. According to the latest statistics, PUBG Mobile was downloaded more than 400 million times on different platforms and exceeded 50 million daily active users.

At the same time, China was not included in the statistics due to problems with monetaze in the country. Instead of PUBG, in China as analogue, was released under the name "Game for Peace". An analyst at China's investment bank Renaissance told Reuters in May that PUBG Mobile was visited daily by about 70 million active users in China. So he suggested that Game for Peace could bring the company approximately 8–10 billion yen ($ 1.16–1.45 million) per year.

PUBG Mobile also developed in the eSports direction, where it could interest sponsors: PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019, the prize fund of which was increased to $ 2.5 million after the smartphone maker Vivo became the title sponsor, ESL Mobile Open, which was sponsored by AT & T, and PUBG Mobile India Series. But Tencent does not want to be limited only to PUBG and therefore they are preparing for competitions and for Game for Peace.

As for his “big brother” for PC, according to Esports Earnings, he has his own large-scale cyberspace audience. As part of the eSports pass several leagues around the world with $ 2.69 million in prize money. The PUBG Global Championship 2019 tournament has $ 2 million in prize money.

Source: Esports Observer