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How to abuse Battle Pass The International 2019

Harry NightMare

Many players have been struggling with upgrading their compendium that's why we decided to give you some tips on how to achieve this.

Note that Valve has become very anxious about fair upgrading and started to ban players for abuse. So if you decide to use one of the abuse methods, you do it entirely at your own risk.

Method #1 / Party finder achievement

When completing the Party finder achievement, you need to find several friends and then start the game. Totally you'll earn 4,000 battle points which is equivalent to 4 levels.

To complete the achievement, you need:

  • Add someone as a friend in a steam.
  • Right click their avatar and choose "Invite to group search".
  • Wait for a confirmation and you'll get +1 friend to your achievement.

Method #2 / Quiz

Totally you may earn 1,750 battle points which is equivalent to 1 level and 750 xp.

You do as follows:

  • First, search for the worst servers and also choose the most unpopular mode.
  • This will make the search last almost forever. In the meantime you’ll be able to easily earn 10,000 quiz points. (This is the amount required to reach 3rd level of Quiz achievement).

Method #3 / Tokens

The number of weekly tokens is growing according to battle pass level.

  • 1st level gives 1,000 tokens;
  • 120th level and higher– 1,500;
  • 272nd level and higher– 2,000;
  • 383rd level and higher– 3,000.

Reward grows together with the level.

  • 1st level and higher gives you 25 points per tip or 250 points per week;
  • 92nd level and higher - 50 points at a time or 500 points per week;
  • 343rd level and higher - 100 points at a time or 1000 points per week;
  • 1505th level and higher - 200 points at a time or 2000 points per week.

To achieve it you need to do as follows:

  • Place tokens before the game starts (50, 100, 250, 500)
  • If you win the match, you`ll earn battle points equal to the amount of tokens wagered.
  • To be 100% sure that you win every match, I recommend switching to our discord-server where you can easily find a good team so that you won’t have to go with low-skills randoms.

Reward tokens

There are special reward tokens which increase xp and apply to a whole team.

  • 38th to 274th level grants you 10 tokens worth 250 points;
  • 326th to 702nd level grants 10 tokens worth 500 points;
  • 755th to 1,116th level grants 8 tokens worth 1,000 points.

If you play lobby with friends, where everyone uses the same amount of tokens, and don`t lose, you can get extra 77,500 xp. For comparison: alone you get up to 15,500 points.

After 15 weeks of betting, completing weekly (up to 400 points) and daily quests (100 points each), you can earn 47,000, 62,000, 78,000 or 107,000 xp according to the bet limit.

Tipping each other for 15 weeks will grant you 3,750, 7,500, 15,000 or 30,000 xp.

Method#4 / Jungle Expedition

You will earn 33,300 xp after passing the jungles successfully.

Turbo mode will low your experience points by half. That means you need to play 2 games instead of one, as it is in a simple mode. Nevertheless, turbo mode is far faster than the simple one and lets you open all the rooms and sets and collect the entire prizes total worth 33,300 battle points.