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Hearthstone: New BRM Mill Rogue. Deck guide

Artem Uarabei

BRM's first wing is now availabe and we have a new rogue card called Gang Up. It is a fantastic card especially in a mill type of rogue. It gives that extra push to mill rogue which wasn't a much reliable deck before. Of course the meta hasn't settled yet, but I'm sure that you're going to find this deck flawless.

If you're not familiar with mill rogue strategy I strongly recommend you to watch some mill rogue plays even the old ones could help you. I added some alternatives for missing cards because people are asking for the same card replacements you can chek them if you're in trouble. Also there is an introduction video at the end of the page. Now let's talk about the deck.

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You should aggresively search Coldlight Oracle in mulligan because almost the whole deck strategy is structured around it. (except the most aggro decks, you should search for shadow step and healbot against them and you should also think to use gang up to Healbot according to the game). If you have only one Coldlight Oracle wait for Shadowstep or Gang Up before dropping it naked on the board. However, against aggro type opponents you might keep Deathlord or Healbot in mulligan because this deck's early game survivability is not that good.

In mid game, start burning cards to your opponent with overdraws. There are some good combos with Preparation, Vanish, King Mukla, Coldlight Oracle and Shadowstep on that purpose. If you don't have any good choices use your card draws to find those combo pieces and try to decrease your opponent's pressure by sapping any high damage and high mana cards.

If you survive till late game, your chances of winning are very high. At this point you have to make a smart decision about using second Gang Up. If you make a simple calculation, you have 5 extra card draws which are mostly needed in order to find your combo pieces. However, you also have 2 Gang Up in your deck which adds total of 6 cards to your deck.

Therefore, you are adding one card to your deck. However your opponent should draw at lest 3 (+1 card for you -2 for them) extra cards than you because of 2 Deathlord) even if he or she doesn't draw any extra cards by his own cards which is very unlikely. You should still make a fatigue calculation if your health is low before using last Gang Up. You might want to use it to Antique Healbot in order to survive the fatigue.

Attention Please!

I made some tests lately and decided that 2 Azure Drake is a little slow. I took out one of them and added a Shiv which can be used every time in the game and it's just 2 mana which also means that you have much better chances to play your next card draw.Some people suggested, so I also tested Doomsayer which I found really useful against aggros.

However, it mostly does nothing against controls because they have lots of removals and silence especially after lots of draws. So, if you want to change the deck a little anti aggro side, you may use it instead of King Mukla which isn't really that effective against aggro opponents. You can use it early turns to decrease tempo or use it after Vanish.


  • King Mukla: The most asked alternative is this of course. You can add a Mechanical Yeti instead of him it has also some good synergies. If you kill it in your turn your opponent can't get rid of that one spare part, also you can fish a Time Rewinder which can be a nightmare for your opponent :D. You can also add a Doomsayer.
  • Just add a Shiv instead of this one. Shiv is a card draw and and extra 1 damage unfortunately for a single target. It also costs 2 mana. So, this is the closest alternative. However I've updated the deck and took out one Azure Drake, so you may have difficulties to use your spells especially Fan of Knives effectively without spelldamage. So, you can also add the second Azure Drake if you don't have Bloodmage Thalnos.
  • Preparation: I'm sorry but you can't find an alternative and you also need both of them.

I hope that you enjoy this deck and feel free to suggest any changes.

Thanks Tales of Lumin for this amazing guide, I strongly recommend you to watch it before testing the deck: