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Ppd: "You cannot add rules in midway a tournament to benefit one team"


Ninjas in Pyjamas captain Peter "ppd" Dager criticized EPICENTER qualifications. The player did not like the rule change in the middle of the qualifiers:

"They gave us a rule-book and we read it to better understand the format of the tournament and how it would play out. These 2 rules were removed from the rule-book AFTER we had finished the group-stage during the tiebreakers resulting in a change of the playoff bracket.

I am posting this because it has resulted in us playing Liquid in round 1 instead of Alliance which I believe is a harder match-up. As the top seed going into playoffs I feel entitled to speak up. If teams have an equal amount of points and compete for advance to the Second phase they should play tie-breaker best-of-one matches If the 2nd, the 3rd, the 4th and the 5th place teams have an equal amount of points, a team that won highest placed team will placed higher.

So we had Liquid, Alliance, and Aachen tied for 4/5/6th place. They played 2 games and these were the results.

Liquid > Aachen
Alliance > Aachen

This means: Aachen finishes in 6th place and Liquid/Alliance are now tied for 4th/5th both advancing to the playoff stage.

In order to determine their seeding we we use rule
Highest place opponent defeated by Liquid: Secret (1st place)
Highest place opponent defeated by Alliance: Liquid (4th/5th place)

The same rule is used to determine the tiebreaker between NiP and OG who both finished 5-2.
Highest place opponent defeated by NiP: OG (2nd/3rd place)
Highest place opponent defeated by OG: Liquid/Alliance (4th/5th place)

Round 1 matchups should be NiP (1) versus Alliance(4) and OG(2) versus Liquid(3).

Changing the rules in the middle of the 4/5/6 tiebreaker for no good reason that I can see is unacceptable and unfair."

He also posted a screenshot of the correspondence with the qualifications administrator.