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Tips for improving game reaction

Artem Uarabei

reaction time

Human reaction is one of the most necessary video game skills. Sometimes even a fraction of a second determines your victory.

“I would have won, if I shot just a little bit faster”, “I was so close at escaping the blow”, “I didn’t have a chance to stun him”. Sounds familiar? Then it’s time to train your game reaction and this guide will teach you how.

Result-oriented practice

If you seriously want to improve your reaction, for example, in CS:GO, it will be a good idea to spend 15-30 minutes a day solely on practicing.

There are special websites as Human Benchmark where you can test your reaction or download cool maps for CS:GO.

Even being super concentrated on the game, you still can easily miss a frag in CS:GO, if you haven’t taken a moment to practice your reaction. Spending at least 15-30 minutes per day on practicing will improve your reaction within a few weeks.



Accuracy is as important as the reaction. You have to be fast but at the same time accurate to be a strong player.

Both skills go hand-in-hand in CS:GO and you need them both, if you are striving to be the best player. Try a wonderful reaction trainer by Click-Storm which will help you train your reaction and accuracy. We advise to use it every day!

CS:GO even has a custom map designed solely for this purpose.

Keep your hands warm

According to Gaming Envavo research, your reaction is 6-8% faster, if your hands maintain the temperature of 32-33`C, as compared to cold hands (below 30`C).

Of course, nobody will ever take the temperature of their own hands, but obviously cold hands won’t let your reaction be fully implemented.  

And these are those fractions of a second which you need to win a game. Below are different ways to keep your hands warm:

  • Buy electrical hand warmer (classic warmers will do too);
  • Rub your hands for 30 seconds (cliché but effective);
  • One more simple way: place your hands between your thighs;
  • Or just hold a hot cup of coffee or tea.

Computer hardware

Computer hardware and human reaction complete each other like colours. Your reaction will be more effective, if you play on a 144Hz monitor, rather than 60Hz one.

With a 144Hz monitor your brain processes more images per second thus perceiving a game more smoothly. It’s also important your monitor has a low input lag. With the input lag of 5ms or higher, the shooting will be troublesome.

Don’t also forget to get a good keyboard and a good mouse. It’s better to spend more money on high-quality devices with low input lag, good sensor and right dpi.

Just imagine a Wild West duel: your opponent has a revolver polished to a mirror, while you hold an old crossbow. Not a perfect comparison, probably, but it pretty much captures the essence.

More advice on improving the reaction

Let’s not focus on the fact that one needs to practice a lot and regularly. One more important thing is to enjoy the process itself. If you focus only on improving your reaction, you`ll soon burn out and you don’t want that.

Finally, it’s important to be in good shape, eat healthy, drink enough water and sleep well – these are necessary rules if you want to perform at your highest level.

Professional esportsmen pay a lot of attention to their health and this is not just for fun. They aim to improve their gaming skills in order to achieve high results.

If you seriously made up your mind to enter the esports industry, try to cut off soda water and unhealthy food. They won’t make it better for you.

Good luck! Practice, take part in tournaments by and win exciting prizes.