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Ranks in Dota Auto Chess

Harry NightMare

In this guide we will describe everything you need to know about the ranking system in Dota Auto Chess.

Ranking system in Dota Auto Chess consists of six basic ranks: Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook, King and Queen. The MMR spread varies from 0 to 3,400. The first 4 ranks are divided into 9 subranks.

To get a higher rank, you must play at least with the same rank. But player selection system is imperfect, so it will connect you across all players in this mode (mostly Knight).

For this reason, many players of Rook rank simply connect with each other across private lobbies. It is known that 3400 MMR is the maximum that you can get in Dota Auto Chess.

Developers have not yet published official information about distribution of ranks in Dota Auto Chess, but in their API you can find detailed information about your personal account. For example, your level, MMR, number of matches played, number of candies earned, ID of the last match.

However, due to recent hacker attacks on the DAC servers and leakes of players personal data, we would not advise using this application yet. Hopefully, developers will come up with a way to protect personal data and this process will not last for six months.

Much more information can be found on thematic forums of the game, where players were able to approximately calculate all the ranks:

This stats collected from all servers and regions among 3 million players who played at least one game since February 2019. More detailed chart with data for March:

Also, Drodo studio announced that there will be seasons in Auto Chess that will last two months:

  • The zero season “Mysery” lasted from January 1 to April 30;
  • The upcoming season one "Cancer" will be held from May 1 to June 30.

At the end of each season, all players will be rewarded with candies depending on their position in the ranking. It is still unclear whether they will take into account the highest rating achieved or the current one when the season ends:

  • Queen: 320 candies i BlingBling Crown;
  • King: 320 candies;
  • Rook: 160 candies;
  • Bishop: 80 candies;
  • Knight: 40 candies;
  • Pawn: 20 candies.

Another interesting fact - immediately after announcement of the seasons in Auto Chess, number of players with Queen ranks was reduced to 10,000 worldwide. Most likely, developers wanted to limit the number of issued BlingBling Crown, but officially there is no information about this.

In total

  • Knight 4 is the average rank in which there are from 45 to 54 percent of all players. Reason for this, most likely, lies in frankly raw selection of rivals;
  • Reaching Bishop in pubs is even less realistic, but after reaching Bishop 3-4, playing regular matches is almost meaningless. By this time, it is desirable to find partners with the same ranks and create private lobbies in order to at least somehow continue moving along the ranks;
  • Elite of AutoChess can be considered players with the rank of Rock and above. There are only 0.355% from total number of players.