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Tencent earned a $ 19.7 billions from the gaming industry in 2018

Harry NightMare

Newzoo conducted an analysis of the gaming industry market.

25 largest companies in total earned more than $ 100 billion on games, which is 16% more than in 2017 and accounts for 80% of turnover from the global gaming industry.

Total rating of countries in industry:

The Asian region occupies top 4 rating, but in terms of turnover, it is top three that can be distinguished.

Leadership takes the Chinese company Tencent, which earned the most in industry by selling games and in-game transactions. Its profit amounted to $ 19.7 billion, which is $ 1.6 billion more than in 2017. After them comes Japanese Sony ($ 14.2 billion) and American Microsoft ($ 9.8 billion).

Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft showed the fastest revenue growth in 2018 (by 30%) compared with 2017. Mobile games are not far behind: Apple’s revenue increased by 18%, Google’s by 22%.

Source: Newzoo