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In CS:GO is now avalilable an option to lower the load on CPU


Valve released an update for CS:GO which adds an option which lowers the load on CPU. In addition, to the chats were added new features and IEM Season XIII graffiti were removed.

The command to lower the load on CPU:


This command reduces CPU memory use by around 40%.

Other changes:

  • Added an option to mute the chat with enemy team;
  • Added an option to mute communication with everyone except friends or players in your matchmaking party;
  • Added an option to hide avatar images;
  • Added an option to change the nicknames of players not on your friends list to the neutral ones;
  • Removed IEM Katowice 2019 graffiti;
  • Change map vote time have been increased on official servers;
  • Fixed the bug where the rang of the player was not removed after the player was replaced with a bot;