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Button icons change for DS4 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Harry NightMare

How change button icons from Xbox One to PS4.

Alot of games on PC use gamepad icons from Xbox One controller. This is little uncomfortable for player, who chose PS4 controller - Dualshock 4.

In this guide, we'll show you, how to change button icons for our controller.

Download mod from here.

1. Install Mod Engine. This is needed to modify Sekiro game files.
2. Extract the zip file and copy the "menu" directory to Sekiro\mods (or your mod directory if you create a custom one in modengine.ini).
3. You have PS4 menus now.

Note: This mod was built and tested on Sekiro app version 1.02 Steam edition. Cracked versions are not tested and will not be supported. Future Steam Sekiro versions may work, but if they don't, please check NexusMods site.

Here is some common issues and how to resolve them:
1. Try the latest version of mod engine. I've made updates to it to try and make it more compatible with potentially different exe versions.
2. Make sure you create a directory called "mods" in the Sekiro directory. Make sure it has no "\" or "/". See the mod engine image for what this may look like.
3. "menu" should be copied directly inside "mods". Not the parent directory "PS4Buttons".

If your menus are missing or look weird, update to mod engine 0.1.9. This should fix the issue.

If this still doesn't fix your issue, try copy pasting mods\menu to the Sekiro directory so that you have both Sekiro\mods\menu and Sekiro\menu.

Source: NexusMods