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How to display DualShock 4 button icons in Devil May Cry 5



Steam user made a mod - it changes Xbox button icons with DualShock 4 ones. Additionally, it adds images for PS4 controller.

It's a common problem for players who want to play the game with Sony gamepad because game shows Xbox button icons, which is uncomfortable.

The controllers work fine in menus and The Void, but it may look incorrectly because layouts for PS4 and Xbox gamepads are different.

The Void

The Void

Options Menu

Options Menu

Pause Menu

Pause Menu

We recommend you to backup re_chunk_000.pak file (which is 35gb one), or be ready to redownload the game from Steam.

To change icons:

  • Download one of these ZIP files, choose a preferred one:
  • Extract the archive into Devil May Cry 5 folder (existing files will not be overwritten). You will get two new directories: "natives" and "re_chunk_000";
  • Download the PAK/TEX editing tool here;
  • Open a command prompt in the directory you extracted the REtool and write:
    .\REtool.exe -i "Your/Path/to/SteamApps/common/Devil May Cry 5/re_chunk_000"

(Replace Your/Path/to/SteamApps/common/ with a directory where you extracted re_chunk_000, not to the .pak file).

You can just drag a folder from Explorer into the command prompt to get the path.

After these steps, entry of the original textures in the PAK file will be "invalidated" and the game will load files apart from each other.


If you want to revert changes, just overwrite "Devil May Cry 5/natives" folder with this archive.