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How to Rise Level and Gain Experience in Dota Auto Chess

Harry NightMare

With leveling up your hero (and I’m talking about the courier on whose behalf we are controlling. Not to be confused with figures) increases the army limit on the chessboard and increases the chance of dropping rare figures, which should help implement any chosen strategy. Proper control of resources in leveling will help to get superiority over the enemy. However, this system may not be so obvious to the players, so we will try to help understand the mechanics.

Gaining experience points (XP) will gradually increase your level. Here is a demonstrative picture with requirements:

As you can see, the more pieces we want to put on the board, the more experience is needed for this.

You can earn experience in two ways:

  • Automatic: At the beginning of each round, 1 XP will automatically credited.
  • Purchase: Can buy 4 XP for 5 gold. But careful in the early stages, do not abuse this.

Level increase is not very critical, but sometimes strength of combinations at the mid game will depend on it. Therefore, do not forget to raise it in a opportunely and monitor the of gold income and the improvement of the army.

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