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Best Heroes in Dota Auto Chess | Tier List

Harry NightMare

Present to your attention the current tier list of heroes in Dota Auto Chess. This list was created by the Reddit user Questica, who made a big survey among high-ranking players of this mod.

Preference is given not to the strongest heroes (for example, Dragon Knight is the most “broken” of all, but it is almost impossible to assemble it in one game), but also rarity, accessibility and combination with other heroes by species, class and abilities.

S: Best from the best. Have perfect combinations of species, classes, abilities and basic stats.

A: Good Heroes with well synergy, but got lack of abilities or average stats.

B: Standart heroes. Well arranged in everything.

C: Situational heroes. Have specific use, but can be valuable in some strategies. Use with caution.

D: Extremely situational heroes, which are incredibly difficult to combine with others. Have mediocre basic stats.

Additional table with heroes, sorted by price:

Sources: ResetEra, Metabomb, Reddit, YouTube, TierMaker.