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Fix "Error Syncing Cloud Storage Data" Issue in Apex Legends


Apex Legends

There are messages in Apex Legends forum from players who have issues launching the game - Error syncing cloud storage data. In this article, we described solutions to this problem.

Method 1.

Reinstall Apex Legends.

In the technical support forum, players reported that reinstallation of a game helps to fix the problem.

Method 2.

Reinstall Origin.

  • Remove Origin client from the computer, a mention in the register and clean a program cache.
  • Install Origin again. The client will automatically find related to client games.

Method 3.

Disable Cloud Sync in Origin.

  • Launch the Origin client;
  • Press the "Origin" button on the top menu;
  • Find the "Application settings" button and click on it;
  • Go to the "Installations and the Saved Files" tab;
  • Click the "On" switch adjacent to "Saves".

Origin client