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Reynad's Flood Mage - Deck Analysis

Artem Uarabei

There are just a few days left till the end of the season, maybe it's time to try out some new deck to surprise your opponents? I strongly suggest you to try out Reynad's newest creation - Flood Mage, let's take a look at this:

You can tell many things about Reynad, but he's one of the most creative Hearthstone players and his decks almost always bring something fresh to the game, even if they are similar in their design to the Zoo, like in this case. Let's take a brief look at some specific cards to better understand the idea behind this deck.

Zombie Chow

At first sight this card may seem a bit out of place in this deck. Normally decks built around cheap minions tend to be aggressive ones, but Zombie Chow is clearly control card, so what's the deal with this deck?

I believe that it's supposed to be spiritual continuation of the old Zoo which was also full of cheap minions, but was rather board control deck. Overall with Flood Mage you are supposed to swarm the board with your small minions and take every favorable trade to secure the board.

So don't feel like you are playing Mech Mage, your goal is to have a solid board control even if game will last a bit longer.

Echo of Medivh

This card synergizes extremely well with low cost minions and fits perfectly well any flooding idea. Basically your goal is to build a strong board and then cast Echo to refill your hand for the next turns. Duplicate serves similar purpose, but is often better used to get some more expensive minions like Sludge Belcher.

Also Echo will allow you to get more value from Unstable Portal and Duplicate by allowing you to benefit from battlecry of a copied minion.

Sorcerer's Apprentice

This little girl provides some really nice value and tempo. It's great to play her before Mirror Image to get free stats on the board and also increases value of Unstable Portal by making it easier to play higher cost minions at the same turn.

It's synergy with Echo of Medivh is pretty straightforward, but just make it a habit to play her before casting it!


In general this deck does pretty well against most of the current decks, but may struggle against Face Hunter and Priest. Yet it does very good vs. Mech Mage and crushes Druid.

Mulligans are similar in every matchup, aim for an early board presence and any possibility to buff Mana Wyrm.

The most difficult situation is probably Dr. Boom because of lack of BGH you should play your 0/2 taunts and try to ignore the big guy hoping you can close up the game.

Final Thoughts

This deck has several strong points such as element of surprise, good win-ratio vs popular decks and so on. What's also really important is that it's really cheap to craft so you don’t risk pretty much anything! Just try it out, maybe that's your deck to go?