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Hearthstone: GvG Reynad's Tempo Mage

Artem Uarabei

Every Hearthstone player has played Mage at least once – during the tutorial. In the current meta Mage seems to be the most versatile class. With introduction of mechs and Echo of Medivh a whole variety of new decks appeared. Today I’d like you to present yet another way to build Mage, it’s Reynad’s Tempo Mage. Take a look.

Kirin Tor Mage

This card is the embodiment of the tempo. It provides decent stats for its cost, but also allows you to cast a secret for free. Let’s analyze this situation: It’s turn two and you have a coin. You coin out Kirin Tor then play Mirror Entity for free.

Then your opponent plays a three drop right into your secret. Boom you get board advantage and your mirrored minion moves first! That’s the tempo! 

Mad Scientist

Another example of a tempo card. In general 2/2 for two mana is pretty poor stats, but on the bright side it often trades with a 3/2 or even with a 2/3 if followed by your hero power. But the real power of this card comes from its deathrattle.

It not only draws a card, but plays it for you. It’s a huge tempo boost, but potentially it can be dangerous. Imagine that you played your Scientist and it died playing Duplicate for you, which seems cool, but what happens when you are stuck with really weak minions in hand like for example more Scientists and no more secrets in deck?

Then it becomes really bad. However it’s not that common of a situation, so over all it’s a really great card!

Bomb Lobber

Well, I mean this card has some sick potential, but is not that broken. It creates some great possibilities like playing Dr. Boom on turn four but it’s a dream scenario and sometimes you’ll get two mana Wisps. 

It simply happens from time to time. Still, in general this card rather pays off. One last very important attribute of this card is that it is so much fun! It’s like opening the birthday present!


This deck is really fun to play. It’s not a one trick pony like some Mage decks, for example Echo Mage. There are many win conditions. It can be either solid board control or making multiple Fireballs with Antonidas.

Toshley and Ice Lance + Frostbolt are very helpful. Speaking of matchups this deck tends to be really good versus more control-oriented decks, because thay can’t keep up.Because of that Hunter and Zoolock may be a really hard matchups.

Yet if you are facing things like Handlock, Control Warrior, Druid or Shaman you should be able to crush them. Against Priest it’s often the matter of his draw and him not having the Injured Blademaster + Circle of Healing  combo.

Try it out! If you lack some of the legendaries you may consider replacing them with Azure Drakes because card draw is always nice and it’s a decent body. Thanks for reading!