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Hearthstone: statistics of recent tournaments

Artem Uarabei

I have compiled the data of the most recent two tournaments (namely ROOT Gaming Hearthstone Invitational and ESL Season 1 Finals) into spreadsheet format. The results of various match ups are displayed in the spreadsheet. Some things to note:

1. The data does not take into account deck archetypes (handlock, demonlock, zoo, etc). However, you can access VODs on youtube and twitch to determine the deck archetypes in specific matches.

2. The ROOT Gaming tournament is still ongoing and I will continue to update the results as it progresses.

3. Paladin is missing from the ESL statistics because nobody brought paladin to their line up.

4. The "appearance" column refers to the number of times a said class has appeared in matches.

5. The "appearance" column for ROOT Gaming only consists of the classes which are brought by the winners of the show matches. Due to the nature of the conquest format, it is impossible to know the full class line up for the losers.

Feel free to leave any feedback so that I can make the appropriate changes (whether for formatting or otherwise).

Link to the spreadsheet.

Author - chungfr