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eHug qualifies for Major All Stars LAN finals

Artem Uarabei

The second qualifier for the Major All Stars tournament has concluded and eHug will now be representing the North-American region in the upcoming finals on March 20th-22th. The team beat Fire 3-2 in the finals to secure their first LAN participation.

The Major All Stars tournament is one step closer to its LAN finals as the North-American qualifier has come to an end. Over the course of several days, some of NA's finest and most talented teams battled it out in a bo3 single elimination bracket to determine their representitive for the South-East Asian event. Team eHug was able to emerge victorious, taking out other favorites such as NoToday, Leviathan and most notably Fire.

EHug will join Natus Vincere, Rave and Invasion, all of which have been directly invited to the event, as well as Can't Say Wips and Redemption, both of which qualified through the South-East Asian qualifier.