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DOTA 2: how to deny an ally hero


What is ally hero deny in DOTA 2 and why do you need it?

What is deny?

Deny means the killing of an ally's creep or hero. Or destroying an ally's tower. Denying creeps and towers is a common thing, but many players are not aware that heroes can also be denied.

Why do you need to deny heroes?

To prevent enemies from getting gold and experience.

How to do it?

You can deny ally's heroes only under certain enemy spells. 

To deny an ally hero in DOTA 2, just press "A" and click on an ally. Deny is possible when the ally hero has less then 25% health.

When you can deny an ally's hero?

When he is under:

  • DOOM (ultimate  Doom)
  • Venomous Gale (first skill  Venomancer)
  • Shadow Strike (first skill  Queen of Pain)

Heroes, that can deny themselves

  • Techies - Suicide Squad, Attack!
  • Pudge - Rot
  • Alchemist - Unstable Concoction
  • Abaddon - Mist Coil
  • Pugna - Life Drain when used on an ally



An ally hero deny happens in pro-scene as well.   Team Secret and  LGD played against each other during group stage of Dota 2 Asian Championship Arteezy got Doom and was going to die. So,  Arteezy killed himself with the help of his own wolves.

Also you can deny ally heroes with spells:

  • Bane Nightmare
  • Kill with ally creeps that are being controlled by Chen, Enchantress or any hero with Helm of Dominator.
  • Creeps created by Nature's Prophet, Lycan, Beastmaster and etc.

It's interesting:

  • You can deny yourself with  Bloodstone. Just activate it!
  • You can deny  Phoenix during Supernova if he has less then 50% health.
  • Any hero can be denied at any time by neutral creeps or Roshan.