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New Mech Hunter Deck Guide

Artem Uarabei

Since Undertaker was nerfed, the once hot Deathrattle Hunter debilitated rapidly and Mech Mage tops the Ranked Play as expected. But it doesn’t mean Hunter is no longer strong. Today, I will share you guys with a Mech Hunter deck. It is very useful and, more importantly, low-cost. (Only used Free, Common and Rare cards).


Deck Analysis

The deck is still fast-speed deck. Through Mechwarper’s trait to capture the board quickly and forced your opponent to use control cards, at last, use Kill Command to end the game. So, how to use Mechwarper effectively is very important. For example, when you first hand is Mechwarper and Clockwork Gnome, or Annoy-o-Tron at the beginning, you’d better to endure one more turn to release them together. Thus, your opponent may not immediately eliminate Mechwarper and you will have the chance to capture the board.

The deck’s another core card is Metaltooth Leaper. Since it is also a mech, you can combine it with Mechwarper to capture the board quickly while utilizing its Battlecry to increase allied low-mana meches. Thus, you can choose to use low-man minions to change your opponent’s high-mana minions to take the advantage, or just crush his hero to end the game. Besides, since most of other meches have Deathrattle, you needn’t to be afraid of enemy’s AOE cards.

To match Kill Command, the deck brings 2 Ironbeak Owl and Savannah Highmane. And Ironbeak Owl can be also used to restrain the Taunt Druid. In addition, the Glaivezooka and Eaglehorn Bow allow you to kill enemy low-mana minions at the early game. Of course, you can also use them to attack the hero. It depends on your situation.

Spare Part Card Usages

Armor Plating: Protect the important minion, like Mechwarper, from the enemy AOE. Or add one Health to the specific minion to kill enemy key minion while surviving.

Whirling Blades & Reversing Switch: Release on the low-mana minion to eliminate enemy low-attack but high-health minions or high-mana minions.

Emergency Coolant: Freeze enemy problem minions, like Dr. Boom, and give you one more turn to solve them.

Time Rewinder: Used to return the Annoy-o-Tron without Divine Shield at the early game, or return Metaltooth to rebuff allies at the middle game, or return damaged minions at the late game.

Spare Parts should be used flexibly. You should set the pace of the battle, don’t optionally waste Spare Parts.

Misdirection: The Secret has a smooth unexpected beneficial effect at the present Ranked Play situation. You just notice the timing to use it. One is enough. Two will be hard to be used up.

Jeeves: Since the deck hasn’t the card to supply hand, you can bring one Jeeves to fix the problem. But when face Mech Mage, Jeeves will be useless. So, it is up to you.

Fel Reaver: Although the card can be combined with Mechwarper and Metaltooth, its defuff is too strong. So, if you don’t have enough confidence to rush down your opponent, you’d better not to pick it.

Difficult Matchups


When face Mech Mage, you must control the board at the early game. Don’t stingy your weapons and Health. After capturing the advantage, you can begin attacking the Hero. When Metaltooth is released, you should take the timing to kill your opponent. Besides, you must clear enemy board before the turn of 4-mana, in case be rushed down, and also notice the Flamestrike in the turn of 7-mana. An Annoy-o-Tron or a weapon at the beginning is the key to control the board.


The best opening is to utilize Mechwarper to capture the board and kill Druid before the turn of 9-mana. If not, you need Piloted Shredder and Highmane to hold the board while using Traps to control your opponent board. Don’t let Druid have more than 2 high-mana minions on board. How to use Freezing Trap is the key to win the game. Be careful of Druid’s Mind Control Tech and Swipe at the turn of 4-mana. Freezing Trap or Ironbeak Owl is the pretty good card to keep at the beginning.


Facing Zoolock, you should utilized weapon and Mechwarper to take the advantage quickly. Clearing the enemy board is more important than attacking the hero. 2 Explosive Trap are very useful when face Zoolock.

Facing Handlock, you should consume enemy hero’s Health to at least 15 in the turn of 4-mana and rush down him in the 5-mana turn. If not, you should prevent Handlock from releasing Molten Giants. Besides, if Handlock released Ancient Watcher in 2-mana turn, you should eliminate in before the 4-mana turn.

No matter what kinds of Warlock you face, Ironbeak Owl is a good choice. It can silence Zoolock’s Nerubian Egg and Haunted Creeper, or Handlock’s Taunts and Twilight Drake.


Compared with the Deathrattle Hunter, the deck is faster to capture the deck. If you have a 2-mana weapon at the beginning, you will be easier to win the game. The only thing you need to notice is to deal with enemy’s traps.


It is the most difficult class to fight against with the deck. But fortunately, there is not much Priest in Ranked Play. The key is to deal with Priest’s Shadow Madness and Cabal Shadow Priest. Keeping Eaglehorn Bow and Freezing Trap will be the best opening.