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Miracle Gazlowe Priest - GvG Deck Guide

Artem Uarabei

Today I’d like to show you some really fun to play deck. It’s yet another of Reynad’s creations. You may ask: “Will it change the meta like Zoo did?” Most certainly not, but still it’s really interesting deck that brings something new to the game. Take a look at the deck itself.

Like I said it’s very unusual set of cards. You don’t often see Priest running Shade of Naxxramas. Instead of Circe + Blademaster combo you get a bunch of one-mana spells and Auctioneer. That’s right friends this is Miracle Priest and when you combine these two words you know that some crazy stuff is going to happen! Let’s see what stands out.

Shade of Naxxramas

Shade is your win condition. Whole deck is built around putting it on a board and surviving until it gets strong enough to kill your opponent. Of course leaving it on a board for twenty eight turns is insane and impossible, but that’s not the way how it is supposed to be played. With double Velen’s Chosen, Inner Fire and Divine Spirit should allow you to boost Shade to insane stats.

Even if you play your Shade on turn seven it is possible to make it 22/22 with this combo on turn eight and it shouldn’t be too hard to deal eight damage by the time you get there. The only thing is getting all the cards you need, but the next card should help you with that.

Gadgetzan Auctineer

Nerf hammer hit it really hard. Miracle Rogue and Druid are basically dead, but it seems there are still some possibilities. This card is obviously meant to draw you as many cards as possible. In combination with your one-mana spells you should be able to draw plenty of them.

Obviously Auctioneer won’t live for more than just one turn (if it somehow does the game should be really easy!), but it should be enough and after all it consumed opponent’s removal or minion.


This one is a bit tricky. Reynad stated that this card is just another Auctioneer that means it’s all about card draw. However I can’t completely agree with that. The reason is it guarantees you getting a minion and this deck doesn’t run very many of them.

In fact it maybe sometimes difficult to deal this additional eight damage with only minions included in the deck. Of course it’s possible, but getting some more minions is really helpful here. Obviously you can try running this deck without Gazlowe, but if you have him it’s even better!